A journey of Re-discovery

On this powerful experience you will heal and remember your greatness. I will guide you on your path to Truth. This can be facing the darkness you have rejected all your life or expressing the divine qualities you have been afraid of showing to the world. I will support you with loving care as you dive safely into self-connection and exploration. You will remember more of who YOU are.

Designed to reconnect YOU

I have discovered the greatest challenge is NOT reconnecting to YOU, it is returning home and forgetting how to live as YOU in every moment. The world will want to keep you as you used to be. Your friends, family and environment trigger old thoughts and emotions making you doubt who you are. Your presence will trigger the world to move towards Truth. It will resist and attempt to pull you back to how you used to be.

All this happens because:

  • You have not fully anchored your New self.
  • You have not made the necessary changes in your life that your New self demands.

What does it includes

I have made it a priority in the Radiance Retreats to make sure you not only succeed in your transformation but you Thrive when you return home! For this reason the Radiance Retreats are capped at a maximum of four people to ensure an intimate and personal journey with private sessions and loving care.

Transformational Workshops

workshops will include:

  • Emotional healing
  • Understanding and changing your mind
  • Expanding your heart
  • Connecting to your energy
  • Your vibrant health
  • Authentic being
  • Transformational breathing
  • Empowerment practices


You will learn to stay centered in your body and deepen your self-connection in a practical way.


Connect to your body Move from your cells

  • Yoga
  • Movement

Energetic Healing

This Healing session will transform your emotions and thoughts, boost your energy, unlock parts of your consciousness, Reconnect you and much more.


Manual release massage will breakdown the knots in your body and awaken your vibrant body. This unique technique will support the emotional and mental transformations you will be experiencing, your body will be full of energy.

Empowerment Session

These sessions can include:

  • Coaching
  • Personal healing meditation journeys
  • Transformational breathing
  • Intuitive Readings
  • Spiritual and empowerment practices for daily use

What to expect

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Happy clients

“It is thanks to Moshe that I have been able to develop myself to the point where I am now. I can stand proud, embrace and accept all of me as well as be true to myself. I am sincerely grateful to Moshe for his sensitivity and his journey because every time he also takes me deeper. I also look forward to continuing work with Moshe as life unfolds its magic.”



“My experience working with Moshe was beyond expectations. Moshe is such an inspiring soul,directly I felt connection with him. So warm,loving and caring. He helped me with balancing my energy, taught me so many things regarding energy, chakras, meditation and helped me release the things I didn’t need. I recommend others have this experience with Moshe”



“My experience with Moshe was really good, He taught me how to connect with my inner child using breathe, meditate and helped me let go of my guilt. Moshe is a very good teacher/coach and I like his approach. I would definitely recommend Moshe to my friends who have an open mind and are interested in connecting with their higher self.”

Aileen Loquet

Aileen Loquet

“My experience with Moshe was Invaluable, beyond words! Moshe helped me to Reconnect with myself, physically, mentally, emotionally, and beyond. I am feeling grateful for your contribution to my life, thanks a million!”