Transform your energy transform your life

All physical symptoms manifest first in your energy body. Your physical body and mind is a reflection of your energetic and mental state. By balancing your energetic body you will experience balance in your physical body and you will feel more relaxed, present, energized and clear.

Designed for deep healing

If I can have 90 min to make a difference in someone’s life I will choose to conduct my energetic session. Working with energy bypasses the rigid structure of the mind that think it knows the problem and reveals what is really imbalanced on the body. Your belief systems, emotions, memories and all your amazing gifts are all in your energy body. By balancing the different energetic systems you experience healing which is simply an alignment to your empowered self.

An energy session can help you overcome:

  • Anxiety
  • Low energy
  • Feeling stuck in life
  • Feeling empty inside
  • Anger, frustration, sadness & fear
  • Emotional disturbances/instability
  • Mental chaos
  • Depression
  • Burnout
  • Creative blocks
  • Phobias
  • Traumatic experiences
  • Accelerate rapidly healing process of body

Happy clients

“I love Moshe energy sessions they make me feel wonderful – the combination of his strong compassionate presence and his skills as a conductor of energy flow leaves me feeling wonderfully grounded and energized. I highly recommend the session.”

Nick Good

Nick Good

“My sessions with Moshe were very special to me. It was easy to share with him and feel completely safe”


“Moshe speaks love and clarity everywhere he goes. I did an amazing healing with him, he found out that my right arm was completely energetically “numb” which has to do with past relationships. I felt the warmth spreading right back in it, so relieving! We also did a lot of group meditations, which are practical and perfect if you want to come closer within. Definitely highly recommend Moshe!”


I now feel very peaceful and balanced. I am so much better able to take challenges and stay calm. Furthermore I feel like running around and working out the whole day! My energy is back! It was a great experience!



What to expect

• You will receive a health & session outcome questionnaire before the session in your email.
• I will scan energetically using my hands what to focus on your session and where the imbalances are.
• During the session, you will be laying on your back (or for online sessions at home at a comfortable place.)
• People say they feel like they are in a place between being awake and asleep.
• I will write down what is actually happening in your energetically.
• I will balance the different energetic systems that are relevant for you such as chakras, meridians, organs, dan tians, auric fields, polarity points, endocrine glands and more.

After the session I will communicate to you:
• what I scanned.
• what it might mean.
• What I balanced and aligned
• What is best to focus on your spiritual development.
• Email you supportive techniques and practices to make it happen.

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Happy benefits

  • Resolving mental challenges
  • Emotional healing
  • Keeping you in a peaceful space
  • Transforming negative thoughts and emotions
  • Improve a connection to your self
  • Feeling balanced and calm
  • Feeling energized
  • Getting grounded and present
  • Aligning to your purpose
  • Improving your sleep

Frequently Asked Questions

It is good to question everything and be selective in what you believe. Keep your mind open and try new things, do want to feel you want to feel more lighter, balanced and clear? This is what a session can do for you. Reserve your judgments for later, keeping your mind flexible is the main key for constant personal growth.
“don’t knock it till you try it” As we speak the energy world is entering the world of science. Energy practitioners are working with doctors, psychologists, athletes and in corporate events. Don’t let inflexible thinking keep you from evolving and growing. Expand your mind to allow more possibilities into your life.

Energy is everywhere, when working with you distantly, I use intention to project an energetic clone of your body. I scan with my hands and feel the condition of your energy and get to work. This will affect you physical body at the same time.

You don’t have to feel energy for it to work. It is working!

Do you have a shower to clean your body? Then you have to clean your energy body too.
You can practice specific energy clearing meditations, yoga and other ways of cleansing your energy body. But you will be making slow and steady progress unless your practice daily.
My energetic sessions will get you balance and clear very fast and efficiently.
When you experience your clarity and balanced energy you will get more out of your day, you will make decisions with more clarity, you will be more present with your friends, family and work.
Who does not want to experience this? Everybody does!

My life turned upside down in 2012 when I underwent a series of spontaneous spiritual awakenings. I experienced myself in a completely different way. This broke down my view of my life and the traditional view of the world. I began to rebuild my foundation of who I was by exploring my inner world. In one experience I was sleeping and just before I woke up my I was aware of my right hand placed in the center of my chest and I felt thousands of tiny particles floating rapidly and harmoniously, they were filled with so much energy and warmth. They were moving in my right hand and into my chest which becoming very warm. When I opened my eyes my mind awoke and the energy flow stopped. I then asked myself “maybe I can learn how to heal?”
I then enrolled in a pranic healing course 6 months later and began my energy healing journey. I studied all the levels and I experienced amazing self-healing experiences, deeper connections to myself and an overall constant balance and centering. I began to work with people and felt there was more to learn, I then continued my learning and studied Integrative therapeutic alignment, a very in-depth energy modality. I also became more confident in my own unique intuitive approach to energy and healing. I truly love this work?

Happy clients

“During and after my retreat in Ubud, I had two energetic healing sessions with Moshe. Both sessions worked very calming as a start, right after the sessions.

The first session had a great impact on my balance. As I got out of balance after a heavy period, and really having a hard time ‘fixing’ that, I asked Moshe for help. I really felt him working with me, while I just relaxed with my eyes closed. Muscles were moving and I really felt energy going through my body. Afterwards I asked what he had done, and what it could be that I had felt. What he told me he had done, was exactly something I was struggling with. For something else he felt was not in balance, I had gone to the doctor with, they did not want to research that. I was glad to hear that my feeling, of something being wrong there, was correct, and something could be done about it. Days after the session I started feeling more positive, balanced and connected to myself.

The second session was more focused on my energy, as I now felt calm and happy but my energy level was still very low and I really needed to improve my sleep. Again, I felt him working with me and again, when I asked him what it was that I felt, he told me that he had removed negative energy that had gathered in my arms. When he told me, I knew what he meant.
He also gave me some ‘assignments’ to empower myself. I felt really relieved after this session, and started doing the assignments. The best thing ever happened, I finally slept an whole night! That had not happened in about a year without medicine! With that, I felt my energy level rising, which made me feel even more happy.

I now feel very peaceful and balanced. In figuring out what I want in life, still challenges occur. But I am so much better able to take the challenges and t stay calm. Furthermore I feel like running around and working out the whole day. My energy is back!

It was a great experience!”


“I basically have no words for it. I’m astounded, I’m touched. I’m flying. Wow! Thank you for being in my life. Thank you for co-calibrating my system to these high levels of existence. I’m so grateful for your presence with the light that you are. Much love brother”



“After having a minor surgery in Singapore, experienced pain and discomfort. Remembering
‘If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.’ by Nikola Tesla. I felt boost of good energy following an energy session with Moshe and immediate comfort. Cannot thank you enough.”

Peter Rankovic

“My experience with Moshe was something very unexpected. I didn’t think it would be as powerful and effective as it was.I was very blocked in certain parts of my body and therefore couldn’t ground that well. After the session I felt extremely grateful and was feeling pure bliss. The day after the session I noticed a complete shift in my meditation. I could connect very well and had the best meditation so far. It was absolutely beautiful. Also he helped me feel my guardian angels. Which was so special. I would recommend Moshe for sure. He is a beautiful soul with a lot of knowledge. I would book a session with him again if I felt some sort of discomfort in my body. But until that happens (let’s pray it never will again), I’ll keep practicing and enjoy the magic he brought me.”



My experience working with Moshe was so incredible. In one of those workshops we had to focus on our breath. I had struggles finding my focus. Moshe helped me and asked me if I wanted to get rid of ‘the crap’ in my head. I said yes, because I had a good connection with him and I trusted him. He placed his hand in front of my forehead. The moment I felt his hand in front of my forehead, I started to cry. I did not know why or how. Afterwards I felt so clear, free from negative emotions in my head. I could really feel something was different in the way I felt and thought about myself and about things that happened in my life.

After that first brief session, I booked a private session with Moshe. Moshe helped me to get rid of a lot of fear located in my belly-area. My body was shaking and I could literally feel the fear coming out of my body. It was intense and I had never felt something like this before. But I am so thankful I got the change to work with Moshe and experience the things he can do with energy. After the second session, I looked at myself in the mirror and I could not help but smile at myself. I saw a girl who was so relieved she got rid of those energies and obstacles that were not helping her.

Before I met Moshe, I was open minded but also a bit sceptical about stories like these. After that first session with him, I experienced the power of his work myself.


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