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Moshe’s Message


My journey to truth began 7 years ago, I had a series of spiritual awakenings that destroyed my perception of myself and how I saw the world. Simultaneously, I was aware of my trauma and pain that I suppressed for many years. My goal was clear “ I want to be in peace and harmony again” I proclaimed, I was surrounded by darkness and hopelessness that manifested as fears, phobias, insomnia, chronic fatigue, negative thinking, distrust, loneliness and more. I explored and changed my mind throughmeditation and affirmations, I felt my emotions deeper and explored the energetic body and different parts of the self, I connected to the Divine and experienced myself beyond a body and a mind. Most importantly, I connected and healed my heart allowing boundless warmth to flow. This reshaped my priorities and gave birth of a loving desire to support others that were in pain and challenges that I overcame.

Looking back from my current perspective it has always been one journey. My journey did not begin 7 years ago or when I was born. My journey began when this universe was conceived into form. Our journey started when life first started. A vast boundless experience of exploration is always flowing, flowing towards Truth, a Truth beyond light and dark, beyond misery and joy. A truth that gives birth to both sides and loves them equally.

I guide others to live in harmony with their True nature by healing and clarity. Through healing the past you have a clear knowing of who you are in the present. Through clarity of who you are, you move into your future with certainty from WITHIN.


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